Most of us battle with our perception of our own looks. We constantly feel like we’re not pretty or skinny enough. This type of doubt that constantly follows most of us is even harder to contain once you hear a rude insult coming towards you. When a stranger or somebody you know dares to comment on your appearance, it can stay in your head for ages. So let’s all make sure we keep our rude comments to ourselves because you never know how it might affect somebody. Unless you are like Frederico Hill, you just couldn’t care less about these rude comments and like him, you know exactly how to act once he hears them.

Recently, a man named Frederico took to Facebook to share his revenge story on a stranger who fat-shamed him

Frederico even attached a photo of all the chicken he bought just to get back at the rude stranger

With over 6.3k likes and 3.2k shares, people online were loving Frederico’s hilarious revenge story. In fact, a similar thing happened to a girl named Vega Blossom who bought all of the cupcakes in the store after a woman in line behind her fat-shamed her.

Of course, the Internet couldn’t help but laugh at this entire situation