I’m Iggy Joey. My parents were a kangaroo and a deer. Everyone thinks I’m a boy but I’m a girl! I live in Toronto, Canada!

And I know fashion. Since I was born everyone said I had the body of a super model and turns out they were right.

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A turtle neck will make your neck look longer!

If your having a bad hair day try and cover as much hair as possible with clothing.

Sup? A hood will make you look cooler than you actually are.

You can be sporty & show some skin!

When in doubt, wear black. There is no darker color.

Don’t be afraid to alter clothes you already have. Socks can make excellent balaclavas.

Big blankets will make you happy and cozy.

If you’re going to wear something “out there” wear it with confidence.

None of this tail between your legs attitude.

Try to look french as often as possible. The French are so chic.

Color blocking is key.

Buy a few good jackets you can wear over anything.

Or don’t wear anything underneath!

My Birthday Suit!

Always wear a necklace, it dresses up even the most casual sweater.

Fashionable people are just drawn to me because of my style.

Your smile is your best accessory!