A 66-year-old American photographer Laura Hofstadter has created an adorable project where she recreates masterpieces of classical paintings in a series of black and white pself-portraits.

Laura believes that "the older we get, the more invisible we become to  the society." With this project of recreating famous art pieces she not only wanted to have fun, but also to prove that there are no age limits for art.

More info: laurahofstadter.com

#1 Esperanza – George Frederick Watts

Esperanza – George Frederick Watts

Laura Hofstadter Report

TC 9 months ago

Well, that's a long neck...

#2 Whistler’s Mother – James Mcneill Whistler

Whistler’s Mother – James Mcneill Whistler

Laura Hofstadter Report

Ivy Blue 1 year ago

A bit shame on me but I learned about this painting existence because it appeared in one of Mr Bean films xD

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#3 Girl With A Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer

Girl With A Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer

Laura Hofstadter Report

Sick Boy 1 year ago

This one's witty.

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#4 The Scream – Edvard Munch

The Scream – Edvard Munch

Laura Hofstadter Report

Daria B 1 year ago

Even the sea is posing in her favour! ♥

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#5 Self Portrait – Judith Leyster

Self Portrait – Judith Leyster

Laura Hofstadter Report

Carla Mae Pruneda 1 year ago

Absolutely Fabulous!!!!

#6 Absinthe Drinker – Pablo Picasso

Absinthe Drinker – Pablo Picasso

Laura Hofstadter Report

#7 Mezzetin – Jean-Antoine Watteau

Mezzetin – Jean-Antoine Watteau

Laura Hofstadter Report

Anna Repp 1 year ago

I just recently found out that this painting was one of the paintings sold in secrecy by the communists from the State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg in 1930. They robbed the state and the people of some of the greatest art in history in exchange for money.

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#8 Self Portrait – Rembrandt

Self Portrait – Rembrandt

Laura Hofstadter Report

Jasmina Wetherley 1 year ago

apparently, he painted many self-portraits of himself because he found himself fascinating

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#9 Cafe Singer – Edgar Degas

Cafe Singer – Edgar Degas

Laura Hofstadter Report

#10 Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci

Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci

Laura Hofstadter Report

3ke 1 year ago

The elder woman has way more sass than Mona Lisa.