Basement apartments are often a bargain, but are they worth the potential problems with mold and lack of sunlight? Reddit user thatdbeagoodbandname decided that she and her husband would brighten their subterranean dwelling by putting in a lit, false window. And the cost? Just 150 USD!

All it took was a 2×4 frame with an acrylic cover, some cornstarch, and two, LED, grow lights. She told Bored Panda that she got a piece of white fabric and dipped that in a cornstarch/water mixture and laid the fabric over the acrylic and let that dry, to get the matte white look; cheap plastic molding was used to create the impression of a frame; and curtains were hung to give the window an “at home” feel. And voila!

More info: thatdbeagoodbandname

Would you guess that this window is in a basement?

thatdbeagoodbandname spent just $150 on the project

She used 2 LED grow lights from the hardware store

A frame with an acrylic cover acts as the false window

A cornstarch matte was used to diffuse the light through the plastic

She hung simple curtains to make everything more cozy

The finishing touches? Plastic molding to create a frame

The final result!