We all know that apartment rent prices are going through the roof in some cities, and even in the less expensive ones, it can still be quite pricey to rent a flat. Not to mention the struggle in finding one in a good location that is not a total pig stein. A great solution would be a basement apartment if you are not afraid of it sometimes being moldy in windowless.

A reddit user called thatdbeagoodbandname were in the exact same situation and ended up renting a subterranean apartment. And in an attempt to brighten it, they’ve come up with an excellent idea for a false window. No, not the kind where a realistic drawing is made on the wall, but the type that is lit and looks precisely like a real window would. Now, everybody loves a good DIY project, and below you’ll find exactly how they did it.

All it took was a 2×4 frame with an acrylic cover, some cornstarch, and two LED lamps. The reddit user told Bored Panda that she got a piece of white fabric and dipped that in a cornstarch/water mixture and laid the material over the acrylic and let that dry, to get the matte white look for her crafty idea. Cheap plastic molding was used to create the impression of a frame, and curtains were hung to give the window an “at home” feel. Not only this easy DIY gives the impression that you might see a busy street behind the ‘window,’ but it also creates a very lovely and soft room lightning source.

More info: thatdbeagoodbandname

Would you guess that this window is in a basement?

thatdbeagoodbandname spent just $150 on the project

She used 2 LED grow lights from the hardware store

A frame with an acrylic cover acts as the false window

A cornstarch matte was used to diffuse the light through the plastic

She hung simple curtains to make everything more cozy

The finishing touches? Plastic molding to create a frame

The final result!