Chris and Anna have been to Danang for a long time and they have a special love for this city. And they want to record together the happy moments together in a place full of memories, the way they go, the places they visit. It is the memories they want to save before the wedding day, so that it becomes beautiful memories later, when reviewing how they will know how beautiful they love each other.

Different from the pre wedding , Engegament of other countries is the wedding before the wedding, but the bride and groom will not wear wedding dress and vest. According to Westerners, their brides only wear wedding gowns, So Chris and Anna chose the perfect outfit for the shoot.

Not only the location of famous wedding photography for you to get beautiful angles, but sometimes very casual scene to produce a beautiful wedding album is no less. Wedding photos taken in this style will create a true, normal, close, not too ostentatious but still highlight the beauty of the bride and groom. It can capture the moments of human activity or the quiet peace in every street corner. These are simple rustic street cafes, old trees in shadow, the rush of hurry. But through the eyes of photographers it appears vividly as the background for the couple’s loving moment. And we had two hours of shooting together comfortably.

And here are the pictures I took with my whole feeling, better for my ” da nang engegament photography ” collection

Let’s enjoy with me!


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