Chris and Anna have been in Da Nang for a long time, and they've developed a special love for this city. They wanted to document the happy moments together, taking pictures of the memories-filled places. Chris and Anna wanted to do this photoshoot before their wedding day so that the photographs would remind them about their love later on.

Engagement photos are different from the pre-wedding ones - the bride and the groom are never pictured in their wedding gown and suit. According to traditions, the bride only wears her dress for the wedding day, so Chris and Anna chose the perfect casual outfits for their beautiful photos.

Sometimes it isn't only the perfect location that creates excellent wedding or engagement photos, but also casual and intimate scenes that genuinely depict the beautiful couple. Relaxed, not over-posed Engagement photoshoot creates a real, down-to-earth, intimate images that still highlight the beauty of the bride and groom. It captures the quiet peace and love between the pair in everyday situations. Not monumental buildings, but rustic street cafes, old tree shadows and the bustling life of the city fulfill this photoshoot idea the best. And though these places might seem simplistic, it all comes vividly to life through the eyes of a photographer, capturing the loving moments between the couple. As Chris and Anna were in no hurry, we had two hours for our cozy Engagement photoshoot.

Scroll down below to check these heartwarming pictures of Chris and Anna from my 'Da Nang engagement photography' collection.



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