Do you remember Foodscapes by Carl Warner or 12 Tasty National Flags Made out of Food? Both edible art ideas got really popular and they both had something in common – that’s right, food! People just love food art, and if you happen to be a struggling artist yourself, this might be a perfect material for your next cool art project.

To inspire you even more, we want to show you some wonderfully executed fashion design works taken from A Matter of Taste, a book by an award-winning Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia showcasing his conceptual photos of food as a fashion accessory – corn espadrilles, aubergine slippers, a tagliatelle belt, and plenty of other interesting things made from edible plants.

What’s interesting is that Bonavia begins his artistic and design sensibilities to each every one of his cool accessories, doing all of the post-production himself so that his photographs are infused with his vision from start to end. A couple of images were taken from this fashion designer’s website, but most of them can be found in his book.