Carl Warner has been working in advertising for the past 25 years as a stills photographer shooting both still life and beautiful landscapes for major advertising agencies and clients worldwide.

During the past ten years, he has been slowly building photo series known as “Foodscapes”. Using his experience and knowledge of shooting both table-top works using artificial light in the studio and natural light on-location he has crafted a technique of shooting small model made sets using fresh fruit and vegetables to create edible art that appears to be at first glance a real scene, landscape or location.

At the start of 2008, his food art became known globally through the press and the internet through viral emails and blogs of the work. This recognition has lead to major publishing and licensing deals as well as appearances on TV and radio shows not to mention the hundreds of magazines and internet articles about him and his unique artworks.

Carl has now begun to take his landscape art into the realm of the moving image using live-action and stop motion techniques for both television and internet advertising campaigns as well as lending his creative ideas for a pilot of a children’s animation series.


(All Images are copyrighted ©Carl Warner. Please do not copy without author’s permission)