We are Manik & Ratan, twin brothers based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We both are cartoonist, animators and also designers. We post our everyday doodles on Instagram profile. Once we posted a cartoon dragon. Somehow that dragon looked so adorable that we thought, what if it interacted with the pencil. So we drew the dragon which was poked by a pencil. It was so much fun seeing that dragon was annoyed.

Later, we tried it to interact with other daily objects like stapler, cell phone or Lego. We started uploading these kind of doodles regularly and found that they were getting famous. People enjoyed this dragon so much that we decided to name it Drogo. Now Drogo became my cute adorable pet.

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#1 Drogo On A Road Trip

Drogo On A Road Trip


#2 Thanks For Loving Him, Drogo Loves You Too

Thanks For Loving Him, Drogo Loves You Too


Rism 3 years ago

He is so cute!

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#3 Unmagnified



#4 Drogo Loves Brown Sugar

Drogo Loves Brown Sugar


PookieMcNoodles 3 years ago


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#5 The Super Cart Hero

The Super Cart Hero


samanthaiza 3 years ago

where did you buy the cart?

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#6 The Mighty Nokia

The Mighty Nokia


ShaudaySmith 3 years ago

holy lord.... that phone... it was a simpler time then..

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#7 Drogo, Don’t Mess With The Stapler

Drogo, Don’t Mess With The Stapler


#8 Don’t Blow Me Away

Don’t Blow Me Away


#9 Rolling Into Deep

Rolling Into Deep


#10 Poking Drogo Is Fun

Poking Drogo Is Fun


DanielaMironovBanuta 3 years ago

Stop doing that!