To celebrate International Dog Day, we collected this list of 24 adorable dog hug photos to remind us all of just how wonderful our four-legged companions are.

Whether it’s search & rescue, security work, or plain old friendship, their inexhaustible loyalty and friendship are worth more than gold. So please consider taking this opportunity to donate to or adopt from your local dog shelter or rescue center. And if you’ve already got a furry friend, give them a big hug and submit your pic below!

(h/t: Stylish Eve)

Image credits: Kyle Mackillop

Source: imgur

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Steve Garner

Source: imgur

Image credits: Caters News

Image credits: Ronin Otter

Image credits: Gavril Galev

Image credits: Nseika

Image credits: Daniel Mihailescu

Image credits: Christian Müller

Image credits: Tatyana

Image credits: Sherry

Image credits: Cao Terapia | Donie Terry

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Mariana Alves

Image credits: Sabrina Paige

Image credits: Ricardo Bonilla

Image credits: unknown

Image credits:  Lubos ZakovicKatherine Sutherland

Source: reddit

Image credits: Ashleigh Potter

Source: blackrose

P.S. We always try our best to credit each and every photographer, but sometimes it’s impossible to track some of them. Please contact us if you know the missing authors.