These pictures were taken in Lithuania for a social campaign called “Pet Ribbon Month,” initiated by the Lithuanian Cynological Society together with SOS Children’s Village, and funded by MARS Lithuania.

The campaign encourages people to spread the word about therapy with dogs and its positive impact on children’s behavior. It is easy to feel good after seeing these cute and playful puppy photos that will instantly put a smile on your face.

I bet you‘ll want to hug your pet even harder after seeing these photos!

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Neringa Skrudupaite’s Dog Afela

Beata Nicholson’s Dog BonBon

Egle Skrolyte’s Dog Dante

Saule Rinkeviciute’s Dog Ultra

Renata Mikailionyte’s Dog Fany

Grazina Baikstyte’s Dog Picola

Ausra Stukyte’s Dog Eureka

Daiva Tamosiunaite’s Dog Cezaris

Saule Rinkeviciute’s Dog Impreza

Photographer Deimante Rudzinskaite