One California-based woman named Jennifer Bowman just went out of her way to make life a little easier for her neighbor’s dog, Penny, who was constantly jumping up over their tall wooden fence just to say ‘hi’ to the lady and her dog. “Got tired of the neighbor’s German shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot,” Bowman wrote online. “I think she likes it.”

Bowman took a power drill and created three holes – two for Penny’s eyes and one for her nose. With her simple yet genius act of kindness, the woman made Penny’s wildest dream come true – now not only does the doggie have a full view of the Bowman’s garden, she also sees the lady’s dog whenever she pleases and can enjoy the smells. How easy it is to make a dog happy – sometimes all it takes is just three drilled holes.

More info: YouTube (h/t: thedodo)

Penny the dog was constantly jumping up over the tall wooden fence just to say ‘hi’ to the neighbor and her dog

So the woman drilled three holes in a fence – now the happy doggie can peek into her backyard!