Wanting to pay tribute to the former restaurant on the site, The Drum, JJ’s Red Hots restaurant asked a long time friend Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Metals to install a fully functional drum fixture in the center of the restaurant.

“Matt Ludwig is one of my closest friends, and also one of my oldest. Matt is a quiet dude, but he’s a funny son of a bitch. Turns out, he’s also a pretty talented craftsman and welder. I am very proud to showcase his work in the restaurant and I hope our customers enjoy this piece as much as we do,” said Jonathan Luther, the co-founder of Charlotte-based hot dog and sausage restaurant.

Jonathan made the first sketches in January, and a couple of months later the drum kit chandelier was hanging above visitors’ heads.

Designer: ludwigmetals | Via: JJ’sRedHots & LaughingSquid


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