It is very difficult to say when and where the first lamp was used, but they are mentioned in all three early ages – lamps were used in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It may  sound unbelievable, but scientists say that the lamp was invented and first used around 70,000 BC! Back then they were made of naturally occurring objects – coconuts, sea shells, hollow stones or similar objects filled with moss or a similar material that was soaked with animal fat and ignited. [1 2]

First electric lamp was invented in England in 1809 by Humpry Davy. He connected two wires to a battery and attached a charcoal strip between the other ends of the wires. The charged carbon glowed making the first arc lamp. 70 years later in  1879 Thomas  Edison invented a carbon filament that burned for forty hours. Edison placed his filament in an classic-shaped oxygenless bulb.[3]

Nowadays, lamps burn much longer, shine brighter, and use less energy than ever before. Besides being better,  they are way cooler than ever before!  So without further ado let’s look at some  very creative modern lamp designs!

1. Teddy Bear Lamp

Designer: Matthew Kinealy

2. Ice Cream Lamps


3. Garbage Lamp

Designer: Peter Castellucci

4. Liquid Lamp

Designer: kyouei design

5. Light Blub

Designer: Pieke Bergmans

6. La Vie En Rose Lamp

Designer: William Brand, Annet van Egmond

7. Melting Lamps

Designer: Keita Ogawa

8. Pixel Lamps

Designers:  Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa Shai Chai, and Suen Ka Hei Catherine

9. Mario Bros Garden Lamps

Designer: Arthur Xin

10. Dandelion Lights

Designer: Qin Xue, Cao iXiaoxiao & Wei Hangshuai

11. Sip of Light

Designer: Sang-Hoon Lee, Sung-Kyu Nam & Su-Jung Kim

12. Bottle Lamp

Designer: unknown:

13. Abduction Lamp

14. Light Dressing

Designed by  Mary Huang

15. Tea Lamps

Designed by Louisa Kober

16. Noose Hanging Lamp

17. Electro Heart Lamp

18. Modulares Lamps

19. Martyr Lamp


20. Mr. Blamp

Which one would you like to have at your home? Or maybe you own one already?