In probably the weirdest and most unsettling commemoration of Movember (mustache November) that we’ve seen yet, blogger and illustrator Adam Ellis has created a series of images of Disney princesses with lush beards.

Did you ever wonder what Jasmine might look like with a long, black beard tied with ribbons, or how Cinderella would look with a robust mustache? No? Well that’s too bad, because what you are about to see cannot be unseen. The funny drawings are simple but perfectly matched – you could imagine these bushy beards swirling and twirling as beautifully as these pretty princesses’ dresses.

Ellis originally created a single picture of Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) with a bushy beard. After a Facebook fan urged him to create an entire series of bearded Disney characters, he quickly complied, leading to this wonderful collection of pogonotrophic princesses that he posted on Buzzfeed.

Movember is not just a fun opportunity for men to grow out facial hair. The world-wide Movember organization encourages men to raise awareness about men’s health issues and raise money to research treatments and cures.

For more crazy Disney drawing ideas, check out Eric Proctor’s take on Grumpy Cat meets Disney.

Source: Adam Ellis

The Bearded Mermaid

Sleeping Beardy


Beauty and the Beard

Beardlantis: The Lost Empire

Alice in Beardland

Beardladdin, featuring Princess Jazzbeard

The Princess and the Beard

More Princess and the Beard


The Lion Beard