Everyone is crazy in love with Baymax, Disney’s newest character, but one self self-taught 18-year-old illustrator decided to take this craze to another level. Scotland-based artist Demetria Skye created an adorable series of illustrations in which she draws the cute inflatable health care assistant dressed as other famous Disney characters.

She uses various markers and pencils to make Baymax look like Snow White, Donald Duck and even Genie from Aladin. Probably the most hilarious one is Rapunzel – the slightly oversized blond.

Be sure to follow Demetria on Instagram to see more of her cute drawings.

More info: tumblr | Instragram (h/t: designtaxi)

Baymax as Donald Duck

Baymax as Rapunzel

Baymax as Sorcerer Mickey

Baymax as Snow White

Baymax as Genie

Baymax as Disney Characters

Baymax and Boo

Prince Baymax and Princess Tiana

Maleficent Baymax

Baymax and The Little Mermaid

Baymax Dressed as Stitch

Mad Hatter

Cinderella and Prince Baymax

Merida and Baymax

Dracula Baymax

Baymax Lightyear

Baymax as Elsa

Pinnochio Baymax

Minnie Baymax

Baymax and Rapunzel

Lottie and Baymax

Baymax and Jasmine