Sometimes people find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Some find nature or other people inspiring, but Heather Penn found her drive to create in tea.

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In 2006 Heather began drawing tea spirits as a way to creatively channel her love of tea. Since then she's drawn many beautiful creatures, each one inspired by a different tea. Heather mashes animals and plants together, creating the beautiful harmony of nature.

I invite you to grab a cup of tea and take a look at the beautiful Tea Spirits created by Heather Penn.

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#2 Tea Spirit

Tea Spirit

Heather Penn Report

KaileighDark05 1 year ago

Fenece Fox? Love it

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#8 Bai Mudan Tea Spirit

Bai Mudan Tea Spirit

Heather Penn Report

ErMerGerd ItBecky 1 year ago

Someone draw ninetails like this

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#9 Bed Time Blend Tea Spirit

Bed Time Blend Tea Spirit

Heather Penn Report

N G 1 year ago

This one is just Bat-ea

#10 Dragon Oolong Tea Spirit

Dragon Oolong Tea Spirit

Heather Penn Report

Zombie Gurl 1 year ago

I'm glad there's variety versions of dragons. Everyone must of expected to be with a face of reptilian or bit of croc.

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