Since I learned about hedgehogs in science class at 7 years old, it has been my dream to own one as an animal companion. Growing up my favorite stuffed animal was a hedgehog, but now I’m lucky to have one! This past December, I had the opportunity to adopt a baby girl, Cinnamon, from a rescue and she has totally changed my life. It’s been so wonderful getting to observe these little creatures and see her loving, adventurous, playful spirit shine.

Being a photographer and fairly crafty, what started as a fun project of making Cinnamon little furniture and clothing has quickly evolved into a fun Instagram account sure to make you smile. I have so much fun creating little scenes for her and capturing her personality!

This is just a look into the average day of hedgehog Cinnamon living her best life.

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Waking up from well-rested sleep, ready to start my day!

But first… coffee! (Fair trade and organic, of course)

A few minutes later, realizing one oat milk lavender latte is not enough caffeine to get me through this day

But now, it’s onto some yoga. Got to get these chakras aligned!

And a quick nature walk to meditate and bring my body temperature down. Brrrr!

Ahhh, after all that sweating and moving it’s time to relax in the tub

If you need me, I’ll be chilling in a hedgie burrito…

Followed by some artisanal doughnuts for an afternoon snack because #treatyoself

When the recipe calls for a pinch…. but you love cinnamon so you use a whole cup!

Enjoying some chill time with my favorite doggo

Chilling in my cozy new chair

Image credits: cinnamon.hodgepodge

Letting my inner artist come out to shine! (I’ll be taking commissions soon)

Stealing some hearts on Instagram

Now it’s time to wind down and retreat to my bamboo tipi. Being a hedgehog is hard work!

Finally, some light reading before bed

Snuggly in bed

After a long, exhausting day it’s time to get some zzzzs! Thank you for following along xx