Choosing the perfect prom dress can be a stressful affair - unless, of course, your mom has a rocking one stashed away in her closet. More and more teens these days are donning their moms' old frocks to the big night, and you know what? They look absolutely bomb.

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We can't even blame them for wanting to borrow. According to PromGirl, the leading online Prom dress retailer in the US, a prom night in 2017 can cost over $2000 in total! Mind you, this is only if you completely blow out on limo rentals, fancy dinner, and a professional photoshoot. But most prom tickets alone cost over $100, and a trendy dress can run up to 4 times as much. By reaching for your mom's vintage vestments, you're not only bringing chic retro styles back to life, but you're saving yourself loads of money and hassle (and you just might overfill your mom's heart with pride).

Most recently, a high school senior named Ally Johnson from Hilliard, Ohio, decided to sport her mom's sumptuous gown from 1995 to her own prom. "People were shocked, they didn't think that could have been my mom's senior prom dress," she told TODAY Style. "It's a vintage, old Hollywood look." Scroll down to see more beauties who looked picture perfect for prom in their moms' old threads! (h/t)

#1 Tacky Prom Last Night!

Tacky Prom Last Night!

cicelylp Report

ADHORTATOR 1 year ago

Spirit of the 80s!

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#8 Me In 1996 And My Daughter, Zoe In 2016 Wearing The Same Prom Dress

Me In 1996 And My Daughter, Zoe In 2016 Wearing The Same Prom Dress

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Emily Black 1 year ago

I love the pattern on the dress! It's a very pretty dress.

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