Persuasion is an art form, and this little girl has already mastered it.

On August 25, 2020, Toronto resident Christopher Doyle tweeted a PowerPoint presentation that his daughter had created, arguing why their family needs to get a cat. And she has made some funny and, most importantly, solid arguments, too.

For example, in a slide titled “Pros of getting a Cat”, the girl said that “since it’s a cat, you don’t have to take it outside every day for walks.” She also realized the responsibility that comes with a pet and promised to clean the “litter box” and take care of the animal in general.

The girl added she has researched about getting a cat for the past five years and vowed to never “slack off” on her duties.

After Doyle shared the presentation online, it immediately went viral, and his daughter even used its Internet fame for additional leverage. Smart one, this kid.

A dad from Toronto recently tweeted a wholesome PowerPoint presentation by his daughter

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As his tweet was going viral, the little one was smart enough to use Internet fame as additional leverage

Image credits: chrisdoyle

Doyle said that his daughter wanted to adopt a black cat because they are often the most neglected due to the superstitions surrounding them.

It’s true. Kentucky Humane Society Communications Director Andrea Blair said that the organization has concerned people posting on their Facebook page, pleading with them to cease all-black cat adoptions near Halloween every year. “They have the very best intentions, but the unintended consequences are the perpetuation of the myth – which leads to black cats spending even more time in shelters.”

According to Blair, “Because of their common color, [black cats] are the [ones] who are most likely to be overlooked in favor of cats with more varied color patterns. Black cats often take two to three times longer to get adopted.”

However, despite his daughter’s strong arguments, Doyle is still hesitant about adopting a cat because his wife is allergic to them.

People on social media, on the other hand, were very impressed by the girl’s presentation and some even suggested breeds that wouldn’t affect his wife.


People were really supporting her

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And her dad might just give in

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