If you haven’t been living under a rock and have been on the internet for a while, you probably know this artist who has been sharing his whimsical and dark ideas in the form of comics for a decade now. If it looks new, you will definitely be converted to the fellowship after reading this post. Nicholas Gurewitch, the mastermind behind the Perry Bible Fellowship comics, isn’t afraid to tackle serious and controversial topics and taboo material wrapped in grim comedy.

Dark humor is a brilliant way to talk about all the obscure and sometimes ridiculous aspects of the world we live in. Thinking out of the box results in witty comics with unexpected twisted endings that might leave you feeling guilty for laughing in the end.

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Sir Leopold

Not only are the endings of these comics unexpected, but so are the style and characters. Versatility and uniqueness of artwork is one of the reasons The Perry Bible Fellowship stands out. The talented artist has drawn all that the idea requires: from minimalist human figures that barely have any facial features and complexity to beautiful watercolor scenes, colorful cartoons, and detailed multi-panel stories. Gurewitch uses people, animals, fantastical and fairy-tale characters, nature, food, and everyday household and other inanimate objects as subjects of his comics, which leaves us intrigued for every new strip.




The Perry Bible Fellowship developed from Syracuse University student newspaper The Daily Orange, which was the first newspaper to have comics. Besides the early artwork of Gurewitch, it consisted of comics by many renowned cartoonists such as Vaughn Bode, Brad Anderson, and Robb Armstrong.

“I started the comics for my student newspaper in college, after a brief period trying to be a journalist for the same newspaper. I just like making people think differently about things. It’s a fetish of mind to share confusion. Because wonder grows there,” Gurewitch told Bored Panda.

Over the years, The Perry Bible Fellowship has gained a cult following of 307k dark humor lovers on Instagram and over 141k followers on Facebook.



The Flight

Gurewitch has received multiple prestigious awards for The Perry Bible Fellowship, such as the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic in 2005 and 2006. The Perry Bible Fellowship has also won the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award for outstanding comic two years in a row: in 2006 and 2007. The famous webcomic has also received eight Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards in various categories and the 2007 Harvey Award for “Best Online Comics Work.” In July 2008, the collection of hilarious cartoons “The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories” won an Eisner Award.

Earlier this year, Dark Horse released a special comprehensive Almanack 10th anniversary edition collection of Nicholas’s comics. It features every comic strip released between 2004 and 2007 and tons of exclusive comics and sketches that can’t be found online. Check out 256 pages of pure twisted entertainment that never gets old here!

The Report

News Puppy

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