With their bushy tails and adorable faces, foxes are irresistible. They are super lovely and majestic, which is why people love cute pictures of foxes. Most folklore describes these cute foxes as cunning, wise, and mischievous. 

The fox has had such a significant impact on folk tales that, in Finnish folklore, it is the inspiration for the name of the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. They call it fox fires. To know just how amazing it is, check out this short film on the Aurora Borealis created by students.

Now, back to the topic at hand. 

Why Do We Find Foxes Cute?

People always seek out cute fox pictures because they are so fascinating. Foxes are playful and have mischievous personalities. They have striking rusty red fur, large eyes, cute ears, and furry tails that seem to have a life of their own. You probably didn’t know a fun fact: foxes laugh adorably when they get belly rubs.

Foxes also have a mysterious allure as sneaky, nocturnal animals that stealthily prowl and hunt under the cover of darkness. Once you learn more about these captivating creatures, you'll understand why they are simply impossible not to love. 

Here's a list of the 40 best cute foxes pictures to celebrate their beauty. Don’t forget to upvote your favorite fox images and share the coolest stories you have of them.

40 Cute Pics of Foxes That Are Irresistible


Wild Fox Becomes Friends With Dog And Cat

Dog cat and little fox sleeping on bed

jakealc1 Report


Say Hello To My Daily Visitor For The Last Two Years

Fox sitting like a cat

Rauca Report


Lil Sleeping Fox Cub

Cute little white fox sleeping on bed

Pigoonlet Report

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Kits are some of the most adorable baby animals ever: it's just plain fact

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Why Are Foxes So Cute and Fascinating?

Foxes are fascinating creatures apart from being endearing. They have some remarkable qualities. Scientists have found that foxes can see the Earth’s magnetic field and use that skill to hone in on prey. They stalk, pounce, and sometimes play with their game when hunting. They also can retract their claws like a cat.

Besides these skills, foxes are incredibly playful. They have natural curiosity and mischievousness, which can entertain people for hours. There are so many beautiful fox species worldwide. These cute and funny fox pictures remind us how wonderful they are.


My Wife Shot This Photo Of The Two Of Us In Today's Sunset!

Man and a fox in Forrest

We've been getting almost daily visits from this wild fox over the course of the past couple of months.

maxadrums Report


A Baby Fox Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother's House

Baby fox licking glass door

Vechrotex Report


A Good Morning Stretch

Fox licking her nose Report


What You See When You Zoom In On A Sleeping Fox

Sleeping fox with tongue out

healing_storage Report


Baby Fox In A Hurry

Little fox running in field

Custergrant Report

Are Foxes Friendly With Humans?

You might have seen many cute foxes before but wondered if they were friendly enough to approach. Foxes are generally scared of people and might run away if they detect a presence. Sometimes, foxes visit people at home or when they are out for a walk. 

A wild fox might not trust humans but can become friendly over time. If a person feeds the fox and does not harm it, it might learn to trust the human. There are some beautiful instances, like when a woman fed foxes for 25 years, and now their offspring visit her. However, this does not mean that you should approach all foxes without worry. They can be unpredictable and attack if they feel threatened.


So I Was In Zao Fox Village That Are Located In Japan, And I Saw Those Foxes That Waits For Their Water

Three foxes waiting in line for water

LittlePrayer Report


Happy Little Fox

Happy fox laying on ground

ruth/Photographs Report

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oh, she looks a lot like Juniper the Happiest Fox! Yep, that is one of her pictures from her site -

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Security Light Went Off At 1 Am. This Little Guys Found My Dog's Ball

Little fox holding ball in his mouth

scaredoftheman Report


This Fox Came Up To My Brother And I While I Was Walking My Dog. Wasn’t Hostile At All!

Angry walking fox in winter

kachigga75 Report

Are Foxes Smart?

You might have noticed that foxes are playful, cunning, and wily in these cute fox pictures. Out of nearly 40 species of foxes, 12 belong to the ‘vulpus’ genus and are considered exceptionally smart. Meaning that their intelligence eclipses dogs. 

Foxes are part of the canine family and descend from the opposite end of the family tree as dogs. Foxes are more intelligent than dogs because they might approach the same problem from multiple angles. They also have excellent memory and spatial reasoning. 

Foxes are smart enough to communicate and understand each other's body language, facial expressions, and scents. Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond’s wildlife photography also shows that foxes are highly loving creatures apart from being so intelligent.


Planted Foxtails On The Patio This Year; They're Doing Well

Two little foxes in plant pots

Llandryn Report


Ssh, Don't Want To Wake Him Up

Little fox sleeping on car's hood

Danjjs Report

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Baby Fox Was Sleeping In Our Garden

Baby fox sleeping on grass Report

Why Are Foxes So Playful?

Foxes are naturally curious and playful creatures. This playing behavior starts from a young age, and it’s a way of establishing a social hierarchy. This struggle for dominance begins when the foxes are pups, and their play can be pretty brutal. 

Animal behaviorists have found that 1 in 5 fox pups might not survive due to their harsh way of playing. You’d never think these cute baby foxes engage in such aggressive play.

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Go Veggie

Fox holding vegetables in her mouth

VulpesPerson Report


Found This Fox Chilling In The Backyard Lol

Fox sleeping on garden furniture

ltc_ir1 Report


He Was Found And Brought To My Friend's Veterinary Hospital

Small fox under the blanket

Now He's Healthy And Is Staying At A Wildlife Center With Another Baby Fox

loglow_ Report

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My Friend Discovered She Has A Fox Den Behind Her House. I Took This Picture Out The Car Window From The Driveway

Little fury fox looking somewhere

hotgnipgnaps Report

How to Draw Cute Foxes?

After seeing all these cute pictures of foxes, it’s no wonder that you might want to take to art to express the beauty you saw. You can learn how to draw a cute fox by watching this video or following these steps:

  • Make a symmetrical horizontal oval, which will become the head.
  • Then, draw two pointed ears up top.
  • Inside the head, draw two cute oval eyes with eyebrows.
  • Make a button nose in the center.
  • Draw its mouth so it’s shaped like a curvy ‘w.’
  • Then, make a cylindrical body and add two legs in front.
  • Lastly, it would be best if you made a big bushy tail for the fox.

Check out this studio photoshoot highlighting foxes' personalities and characteristics if you want fantastic drawing inspiration.


One Of The Fox Pups That Lives In Our Backyard. We Call Him Jasper!

Small Fox in the back of the house

n1cen1cholas Report


I've Been Watching A Family Of Foxes This Spring. Here's One Of The Better Photos I've Taken

Fox sitting in a middle of the forrest

ScummyWallows Report

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This Lil' Guy Comes To Hang Around In My Front Garden Sometimes. He's Getting Quite Friendly!

Fox with tongue out on a grass Report


My Friend Took This Pic Of A Polar Fox Near Askja, Iceland

Little brown fox looking into the lens

NicklasWabra Report


Found This Fox Den Today While Fishing; It May Be The Luckiest Picture Of My Life

Fox den in a forrest near a river Report

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i honestly prefer these pics to the cutesy-type ones with flower ringlets. Foxes are wild, even urban ones, and deserve their space. they are not pets. 🥰

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I Took This Picture Of An Urban Fox In My Garden. A Good And Soft Looking Friend

Big fox sitting on the ground

thelibrarybear Report


Very Cute Fox Puppie Photographed By My GF

Little fox sitting under leaves

susunluontokuvat Report

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Why Are Snow Foxes So Cute?

If you check out these winter fox pictures, you’ll realize that Arctic foxes are incredibly cool and cute. They have a beautiful white coat, which provides excellent camouflage for hunting in the snow. This warm coat helps them survive in temperatures as low as -58° Fahrenheit (-14° Celsius). These winter foxes don’t shiver until the temperatures reach -94° F (-34° Celsius). 

Can You Outfox These Foxes?

Let’s say you came across one of these cute foxes on your next outing. What would you do? Many people might run away, but it might be awesome to learn from the curiosity of foxes and befriend one of them. If you’ve ever had an incredible encounter with a fox, share your stories in the comments. 

There are some fascinating stories like Sam Gaby’s when he befriended an orange and black fox and got some fascinating photos from the experience.