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Photographer Gets Animals’ Trust By Following Them Throughout The Year
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Animals, Photography9 years ago

Photographer Gets Animals’ Trust By Following Them Throughout The Year

They say that “the harder you practice, the luckier you get” and the Netherlands-based wildlife photography professional Edwin Kats is a living proof of this. Surrounded by forests, ponds, and heathland, Kats finds inspiration within a 10-mile radius of his home, but it takes months and sometimes years to take a truly beautiful photo:

“A thing I learned along the way is that you can get great results by sticking to just one subject for a long time. Try to get to know your subject and follow it through the seasons. Try to get these adorable animals in the snow, against autumn colors, and with a nice back-light on a sunny summer morning. Another advantage is that the wild animals, even the very shy ones, will get to know and trust you. The best possible feeling I can get is to be accepted and trusted by a wild animal,“ explains Kats in an interview with Mymodernmet.

Using his main tools, which are Nikon D4 camera and Nikon 500/4 VR lens, the photographer manages to capture small critters, birds and even large animals in their natural surroundings where they are acting natural and don’t look disturbed by the intruder. Kats especially enjoys taking pictures of cute animals like hedgehogs and squirrels. “I’ve met cheeky ones, shy ones, and some really curious ones. Both animals are very active in the autumn and it’s also my favorite season for animal photography because of the vivid forest colors” he says.

Although Kats has mainly shot adorably animals that are native to The Netherlands, now he tends to leave his country more often to visit other beautiful places in Europe like Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. He started his career in 1992 and now has been published in a number of well-known magazines, such as BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic Magazine.

Source: | 500px


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