This beautiful story happened in Mordovia, Russia, showing the desperation of a kitten to reach the other side of a river.

A group of company employees were having a snack on the banks of the Sura River in the Bolchebereznikovsky district when they heard a meager insistence.

“On the opposite bank of the river we saw a small white spot that seemed to be desperate,” says Maria Stepchenkova in her social network – On the other side it was totally deserted, there was no residence or anyone around. When the group was getting ready to go though they realized that the little kitten had jumped in the river and swam toward them.

Surprised at the attitude of the animal they did not despair and began to support it by calling it to them.

Those who witnessed the scene got emotional and said that he swam about 150 meters.

The desire to be saved and to live was so great that it encouraged this attitude, which from the present earned a beautiful home.