Corgi butts are one of those bizarre things that drives the internet crazy. Luckily for their fans, Chinese artist Miko Ho is creating adorable phone cases that focus on just that - round and fluffy Corgi butts.

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Her silicone soft cases are available on Etsy and each one is decorated with handmade felted rear-ends of animals. Pandas, cats, zebras and other animals, appear in the collection, butt Corgis are definitely the stars of the series. Miko uses 100% Australian wool felt for her designs, however she also warns that they're not washable. They cost about $35 and will easily allow people to publicly display their affection for puffy bottoms. Other Etsy shops (PiuPiuPickles, ElvesInGlass) also sell similar ones. Do you think these pieces deserve to be among the coolest phone cases ever?

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#4 Needle Felted Cat Butt Phone Case, Rainbow Tail Cat

Needle Felted Cat Butt Phone Case, Rainbow Tail Cat

MoonFeltCraft Report

Akuma Tsubasa 5 months ago

If that only where not just iPhone only... Samsung Galaxy S7 Users are also creatures that need some love.

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#7 Corgi Butt Phone Cases

Corgi Butt Phone Cases

MoonFeltCraft Report

Kracken 6 months ago

I wonder if the queen has one?

#9 Needle Felted Pig Butt Phone Case

Needle Felted Pig Butt Phone Case

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piggy panda 5 months ago

i NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD I actually have a pet pig though