Retirement. Something that seems very far away, but is an important part of everyone’s life. A moment when all of the hard work is assessed, and it’s time to be proud of what has been done and enjoy the free time. However, the path to retirement not always is easy, and sometimes you have to fight to prove the worth that you gained by working all those long years. Reddit user u/Sorkoth1 shared a story about their father and his path to retirement.

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They started by mentioning that the father worked for one of the Forbes 500 companies. What is the Forbes 500 company list? Until 2003, every year, Forbes magazine would publish the 500 top companies in the US. After this year, Forbes decided to add companies worldwide and changed the list to Forbes Global 2000. So this means that his workplace was one of the most prestigious companies, this being the only clue that the narrator gives to their audience.

This Reddit user decided to share their father’s story of how he almost got fired before his retirement

Image credits: simplyrikkles

The father worked there for a really long time, since the ’70s, and made his way to becoming a software engineer. Despite him being an important cog in the machine, when his time in the company was moving towards retirement, HR started treating him differently. The Reddit user gave a few extensive examples of how they tried to accuse him of letting strangers into the building or not using his entry badge right. And of course, every time, the employee could prove them to be wrong.

The man was accused several times and each time managed to explain the situation, so they couldn’t fire him

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Despite these miserable efforts, the user’s dad managed to stay there until he could retire. He also showed that a lot can be done after retirement and that it is a great time to make your dreams come true. According to the Redditor, the dad now started his own company.

The reason for this sudden change in how the the man was treated was his age and the fact that he was about to retire

Bored Panda contacted the Redditor and asked them to comment on the situation. After they posted this story and it gained so much attention, the narrator realized how much people actually face this problem. They stated that “companies care more about the bottom line than what their employees did for them.”

For those who are curious to find out how the dad is holding up now, he is running a company, Solucean. When asked if they’ve received a lot of messages from interested people, the Redditor revealed that “there is a lot of support to solve the water and energy crisis throughout the world using clean green technologies.”

Image credits: simplyrikkles

People in the comments stressed that this situation is actually a very common practice among big companies that try to get rid of older people who are about to retire. Some people shared that they became aware of this through different experiences and hope that their loyalty would be acknowledged the right way.

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