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The Chromatic Typewriter
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The Chromatic Typewriter


Washington-based artist Tyree Callahan transformed and old 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter into a functional painting device he calls a Chromatic Typewriter. He did it by replacing the ink pads of the typewriter with colored paint pads and the letters with color markers.

“I’m super excited about it. The reaction to the piece has been pretty special. It seems to be making a lot of people happy and it has started some great discussions on the translation of art into words and words into art. And folks with synesthesia seem to like it the most, “ says Callahan.

This is also his entry to the 2012 West Prize competition. The prize is awarded via popular vote this year, but voting is limited to iPhones/iPods/iPads. Those of you with iProducts can download the West Collects app to vote for your favorite. The link to West Collects site is here.

I’d love to write an article with this typewriter and see what I get!



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