I’ve always wished for my waiter to just choose what I’ll be getting and surprise me. I know it’s kinda weird of me, not to mention annoying, to saddle these poor innocent workers with decision making for someone else, but I’m sure you too have had days when you just couldn’t choose what you wanted and would’ve liked an expert opinion.

Well, today’s story is from Reddit user CarltheWellEndowed, who was at first unpleasantly shocked by the chef with a surprise dish he specially requested, leading to a hilarious conclusion.

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Maybe it isn’t the best idea to ask your chef to “surprise you” with what you’ll be eating

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CarltheWellEndowed took it online to share how a chef surprised him when he asked for his meal to be cooked “like he hates him”

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The waiter came back with his meal, meat burnt to a crisp, veggies uncooked, and everything oversalted

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The waiter came out a minute later, laughing, with his actual meal, which was fantastic when Carl got around to eating it

This malicious compliance story starts with a man talking about how familiar he is with a small local Chinese restaurant, visiting it a couple of times per week for a year now.

He’s gotten acquainted with the staff quite well and although there is a language barrier, he’s quite familiar with them by now.

On this occasion, he came in, wanted something even more spicy than his usual extra spicy and asked for the chef to make it “like he hated him” and “wanted him to hurt.”

To his surprise, the waiter came back with charred crumbs of meat, uncooked veggies, and salty like the sea on top of that.

A little while later, they came out with the actual meal, laughing about it. Although it had already put off OP’s appetite, he still appreciated the joke.

In the comments, the poster clarified a couple more details, saying that he usually gets something off the menu, which is usually fantastic and “hot as hell” just how he likes it.

Just in case you were wondering – the meal was fantastic, very spicy without compromising the flavors.

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To get some more interesting details, we here at Bored Panda actually reached out to CarltheWellEndowed, who graciously replied to our questions.

Asked about his relationship with the staff, Carl said that he is on good terms with them.

“Even with the wait staff there is a bit of a language barrier, they always seem excited when I arrive, and we always talk quite a bit even if I struggle to understand what they are trying to say.”

It’s the first time they’ve pranked him like this, but they have made jokes in the past, even if Carl struggles to understand the exact punchline of the jokes at times.

The first time Carl got something off the menu, he told the waitress that he just couldn’t make up his mind and asked for whatever her favorite was.

The waitress came back with a dish of chicken and mushrooms in a strong oyster sauce.

“Had never had anything like that and it was fantastic.”

Turns out OP’s secret to getting on good terms with restaurant staff can be traced to his own experiences with the industry.

“My father owns a couple restaurants, and he raised me to be extremely nice to wait staff, as well as trying to build relationships with them.” This is further reinforced by being a frequent customer and tipping well – some tips straight from the horse’s mouth, if you wish to be so friendly with staff as to be pranked by them in a friendly manner.

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There are a lot of good reasons to be friendly to restaurant staff. Really, any service workers in general.

Did I say service workers? I meant people, like, you know, in general? All of them?

But I digress.

Waiters are simply messengers, bringing messages and orders to and from the kitchens. If there’s something wrong with your food, the waiter probably didn’t mess it up intentionally – they didn’t even cook it.

While the chefs and the cooks themselves are overworked, underpaid, and understaffed at the same time, so you being rude is certainly not going to help.

A Guardian article talks about how little people know about the experiences of restaurant workers when they are rude to them. Especially when they’ve been on the other side of the barricade themselves, they know how much they are aching, how much work they’ve still got to do, the fatigue, the tip-stealing upper management.

Apparently, “the waiter rule” is such a thing that people from date-seekers to CEOs stand by the fact that you can tell what kind of person you’re dealing with by the way they treat their servers.

Mistreatment of service workers shows that the person may have a strong “us vs. them” mentality, lack empathy and is not a team player or good leader.

So yeah. Be nice to people.

OP’s story got 5.5k comments and 124 comments. Many inquired about the meal and the food, while others said how wholesome the story was. If you’d like to read more about the trials restaurant workers go through, be sure to read this malicious compliance story by another cook on Bored Panda.

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The community shared how much they enjoyed the story and the poster’s relationship with the restaurant staff