Charts. Graphs. Doodles. Whenever you put a bored Panda in front of a whiteboard, they’re very likely to let their creative talents loose. But how many of us have thought of turning drawing on whiteboards into a profession? Meet Matt Shirley. He draws hilarious charts and has a huge following online.

Shirley does them all masterfully and he’s a professional at using them to show the humorous side of life. What’s more, he has an outstanding work ethic: he tries to draw a graph every single day. That’s the sort of dedication you’d usually see only in top-tier athletes and best-selling authors.

Bored Panda talked to Shirley about his charts, what keeps him motivated to draw daily doodles, as well as what graphs have that other mediums don’t. Scroll down for our in-depth interview, upvote your favorite charts, and share the ones you like with your friends.

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