Probably one of the nicest feelings is knowing that you have people who deeply care for you and always will help if you need it in any situation. The feeling of being loved, cared about, having people you can count on is unbeatable. It may be a family member, partner or a close friend, it doesn’t really matter. However, some people tend to forget that if you treat another person rudely, there might come a time when you will need that person’s help and they may not treat you with kindness. 

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Making someone taste their own medicine by recognizing a problem with their behavior after being placed in the same situation is a great form of revenge

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Woman shared her petty revenge story after she charged stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend the same family price for babysitting as she previously did

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When she needed help babysitting, stepbrother’s girlfriend asked for $200, and when a few years later she had the same situation, already ex-girlfriend received the same treatment

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The entitled stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend wasn’t happy with the woman’s behavior and cussed her out

A couple days ago, a woman shared her petty revenge story to one of the subreddits after she charged her stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend the same price for babysitting as she asked the author to pay a few years ago. The post went viral immediately and after 2 days, it had almost 14K upvotes and more than 550 comments.

The woman started her story by explaining that she had to find somebody to watch her kid for only one day as she had work that she couldn’t miss and daycare was closed that day. Well, after reviewing that there were almost no options, she asked her stepbrother’s girlfriend. She agreed, but only for 6 hours and for $200.

It is very important to add that this price is the ‘family rate’, meaning it’s already discounted. Additionally, the author of this story highlighted that her step brother always helped his girlfriend, paid for everything, including unnecessary expenses. Moreover, the author herself has helped this woman a lot. Following this story, OP agreed, paid the requested price up front, and 4 hours later came back home.

Now, a couple of years have passed, woman is separated from the author’s step-brother, they have a kid and she finally was kind of forced to get a job. One day, the entitled ex-girlfriend had to find somebody who could watch her child as she couldn’t miss work. Then the author said of course she could help, however she also added that it will be the same ‘family rate’ that she was charged with before. Boom. 

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Folks in the comment section supported the woman and supported the way she handled this situation. “Fair’s fair. Good of you to give her the family rate considering she’s ex-family now, really,” one user wrote. Others were disappointed that the author didn’t calculate for inflation and charged the same rate, even though it should be a little bit higher at this point.  

Bored Panda contacted the author of this story and, luckily, she was kind enough to answer a few questions for more insight!

To begin, the woman shared that after this encounter she didn’t have any more contact with her, thus no developments to this story. However, she is now keeping the kid away from the author’s family. Additionally, OP clarified that stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend didn’t pay for babysitting so she didn’t have to: “She was maybe earning $500 a week total, so she definitely couldn’t pay the same rate she charged me.”

Speaking about the author and stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend’s relationship in general, the woman shared that before the divorce, they all just tolerated her “in true southern bless-your-heart fashion.” And finally, the author said that she was really surprised by so many reactions to her post. “It was such a small thing and had no real impact. It was just an opportunity to show her how badly she has treated all of us in hopes she might reflect on herself. Doubtful, but one could hope.”

So folks, what do you think about this situation? Are you also mad that she didn’t calculate for inflation or you think that the whole drama was not necessary?

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Guys in the comment section agreed that stepbrother’s ex was being a jerk and had some discussions with the author