Smart phones. Computers. Flat screen TV. The internet. Few people can live without them, and those that can are generally branded weird, anti-social, or subversive. "But how has the feline world responded to the emergence of the modern technological revolution?" I hear you cry! Well, with a great deal of confusion it seems.

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The proof can be found in this revealing before and after series compiled by Bored Panda. As you can see from these pictures, cats have no idea what to believe anymore. Is a mouse an animal or a computer accessory? Is a ball of yarn actually a tangled bunch of cables? Is a radiator the same as a laptop adaptor? Are those birds on TV real? Modern technology might be useful to humans but it's turning cats into psychological wrecks. Just take a look below to see what we mean.

#1 Sitting On Tv

Sitting On Tv

Anna Pavlova Report

#2 Intruding Human Personal Space

Intruding Human Personal Space

Peter Lynn , Plush Report

AmandaPanda 2 years ago

OMG look at its little legs! So cute!!

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#3 Getting Warm

Getting Warm

madaise , IvanPaw-lov Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

Isn't a radiator pipe too hot? The one in my room gets too hot to touch :(

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#4 Hunting


Budimir Jevtic Report

Autumn 2 years ago

So it's just me who has to clean up the mice? I once found one in my shoe!

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#5 Bird Watching

Bird Watching


AmandaPanda 2 years ago

Anyone else's cat(s) do that little chirping sound when they see birds or bugs outside?

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#6 Getting Tangled

Getting Tangled , Rose Pedal Report

LaradeMontfort 2 years ago

Poor little kitty!

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#7 Catception


imgur Report

#8 Fishing


Xiedubbel , Gary J. Wood Report

Atramentous_Soul 2 years ago

Has anyone else downloaded a game for your cat before?

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#9 Dating


Cat CATastrophes Report

AmandaPanda 2 years ago

Single hot feline, just one click away, enjoys long walks down alley ways, and smoked salmon. Considers herself to have a feisty personality.

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#10 Playing


Trianons Oficial Report

RJazz909 2 years ago

Dang youngsters won't get off their phones....

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