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30 Melancholic Cats Waiting For Their Humans To Return

30 Melancholic Cats Waiting For Their Humans To Return

Many people say that cats aren’t as affectionate with their owners as dogs, but these cats definitely look like exceptions to this rule. We collected this list of cats waiting by windows for their owners to return to show you that cats can also show us love and affection in their own way.

Various scientific studies have shown that cats are probably less attached to us than we are to them – one study showed that a cat briefly separated from and then reunited with its owner will not run to them the same way that a toddler or a dog will. However, most cat owners (including myself) have plenty of anecdotal evidence that their cats love them – from purring morning headbutts and paw massages to gruesome gifts of mice and birds.

Image credits: Milos Jovanovic

Image credits: Anna Kryczkowska

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Susanne Stoop

Image credits: André Viegas

Image credits: Justyna Zduńczyk

Source: pt.hallpic.com

Image credits: Sarah Jane

Source: ihdval

Image credits: Aleksey Ivanov

Image credits: Roto Fam

Image credits: Jennifer MacNeill

Image credits: Jennifer MacNeill

Source: naturehd

Image credits: rustyjaw

Image credits: Ben Torode

Image credits: Francesco Nardi

Source: drunov

Image credits: Igor Pereira

Image credits: whitneybee

Image credits: Mark Williams

Image credits: Laura Ascaso

Image credits: Lyndsay Jobe

Image credits: Mattheo Nathan

Image credits: Val D’Aquila

Image credits: Woosra Kim

Image credits: Ukesh

Image credits: [serj]

Image credits: screativeimage.com

Image credits: Mel s away

Image credits: Benjamin Torode

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