Whereas dogs often wear their hearts on their sleeves, cats are generally more enigmatic creatures, but these fifteen useful illustrations will help you to decode many of your feline friend’s most common quirks.

Originally created by Adam Ellis, they were recently spotted on a veterinarian’s cork board by somebody called ItsJayOrDan, and as you can see below, it’s clear that this particular vet has a good sense of humor. According to the pictures for example, when you see your cat wiggling back and forth, you might believe that they’re about to pounce, but it’s actually because cats have satellite transmitters in their butts and must periodically recalibrate to receive transmissions from their home planet. Likewise, when you see your cat rolling back and forth on the carpet, you might think it wants to play when in reality it’s probably just writhing in pain from eating some bad Thai food. Scroll down for more hilarious explanations for your cat’s seemingly normal behavior. They might not teach you much, but they’ll certainly make you laugh. (h/t: cheezburger)