It’s not so often that we stop for a heartbeat and take in the beauty of the world that we live in. After all, why should we – we tend to think we already know how our neighborhood, our house, our dog or cat looks like, so why stop when every second is so precious. Maybe that’s the reason why animals with distinct features (whether that’d be caused by genetics or a series of unfortunate events) catch our eyes so much. Well, at least this earless cat is certainly one of those cuties that attract attention for this reason. This adorable cat lost her ears due to medical reasons but thankfully, had some caring humans that were kind enough to get her a new set of cat ears as a replacement.

This adorable fluff is named Lady and she had to have her ear flaps removed due to severe chronic infections and hematomas

Lady in a Fur Coat or Lady for short was on quite a medical journey since coming to Dane County Humane Society. The stray cat had to have her ear flaps removed due to chronic infection and hematomas. Despite that, rescue workers said it’s likely that she can even hear better now since chronic infections had caused the outer ear to block the entrances to her ear canals. Furthermore, she has improved further as Ash Collins of DCHS crocheted the abandoned animal a replacement pair. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she got adopted the next day after the cat shelter posted her picture on Facebook!

Luckily, a staff member of the Dane County Humane Society where she has been taken care of made her a pair of crocheted ones

Despite having her earflaps removed, Lady is still a very happy cat and never restrains from giving happy head bumps to everyone she meets. DCHS said they were unsure how she is around other animals since she’s a stray but that didn’t keep her from finding her happy ending in the blink of an eye!

People on the Internet fell in love with her instantly