Most of us know that when your friend messages you something along the lines of “I just witnessed something utterly insane”, it is time to grab some popcorn and buckle up for one hell of a ride. While listening to your pal retell something can be exciting, getting the details through the form of text messages is close to excruciating as you wait for the story to unfold line by line. Of course, it gives you time to react to the new twists and turns, but deep inside all you want to know is how the whole thing ends. Well, Becky was definitely in for something special when her friend Joe messaged her about the cat and the dog he had encountered. Of course, we’re sure Becky didn’t expect everything to end the way it did, but it truly gave us a good laugh.

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When Joe messaged Becky about the cat and the dog he encountered, she didn’t expect things to end this way