What would happen if photo cameras came up with the idea to take selfies? Historical, bizarre and beautiful cameras capturing photos of themselves... Sounds fun.

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My name is Jürgen Novotny and I'm the photographer behind the project "CameraSelfies". With these series, I wanted to capture the rich history of old, mostly not used analog cameras in a modern fashion. The project features cameras from the 1920s onward.

I learned that non-digital cameras seemed in fact to be abandoned and forgotten. Beautiful and still great equipment, I couldn't afford a few years ago, is now available for a few bucks. Good for me, but somehow sad.

While trying to capture the cameras' unique personalities and genuine intimacy I also want to depict and caricature the ongoing selfie trend with it's staged kisses and pouty lips. "CameraSelfies" thus uses this universally apparent (and more and more exhausting) “selfiemania” to recall its origins. By placing special emphasis on those forgotten beauties I want to declare my belief that they are not only tools reduced to their technical data, but also still an inspiration for artists and a source for creativity.

More info: cameraselfies.com | jfnovotny.com | Facebook | Instagram | linkedin.com

#1 Polaroid P1000

Polaroid P1000


HG Guy 7 months ago

Was expecting a kind of inception here...

#2 Bilora Bella

Bilora Bella


Rebekah 7 months ago


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#3 Nokina



Monia Schumacher 7 months ago

Really cool...

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#9 Revue Autofocus

Revue Autofocus


Neb 7 months ago

Have two Auto Revuenon lenses - love them, especially MC 50 mm F1.7

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#10 Canon Dial 35-2

Canon Dial 35-2


Yezid Puerto 7 months ago


#11 Polaroid Miniportrait

Polaroid Miniportrait


RosaFioG 7 months ago

I didn't even know this existed!!

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#17 Canon Ftb

Canon Ftb


Erika Jones 7 months ago

I had one of those!