There are those who are masters in the kitchen, whipping up cakes and gourmet meals, seemingly, out of thin air. Then are their extreme opposites, those who manage to set a bowl of cereal on fire Homer-Simpson-style. And then there are us, mortals, with a decent amount of skill and experience to make a pancake, but not enough finesse to impress anyone (especially not Gordon Ramsay).

If you have ever tried baking a cake or a pan of cupcakes using a box cake mix you’ve snatched at the local grocery store, you might have come to a disappointing (but not surprising) result. It’s no news that box cake simply doesn’t cut it, compared to bakery goods that were made from scratch. They taste a little bland and dry out quicker than you can have a second bite. Well, the box mix game is about to change.

One Tumblr user decided to share some ingenious baking hacks using box cake mix

Image credits: Dennis Sylvester Hurd

Tumblr user “docholligay” claims to be a state champion baker and whether her credentials are credible or not, this lady has some practical baking tips to turn your box cake mix into a gourmet dessert.

Image credits: Matthew Bland

Doc’s simple set of tips, to replace water with milk, vegetable oil with melted butter and toss in an extra egg, started an avalanche of replies with people not only swearing that this “hack” works, but also sharing their own tips and tricks. And for those still questioning why should they doctor their box mix if they can just make something from scratch, there are legitimate arguments to sway them to the box-cake-mix-hacked side.

Image credits: Rebecca Siegel

After all, making a decent cake involves a set of tools, skills, and patience. And that’s only the biscuit part! Why bother so much with the creation of complex chemical reactions to make your cake have a fluffy and moist texture when you can pour your heart out into icing? Or decorating?

Image credits: Andy Melton