The Threadcakes online cake competition, which wrapped up on November 3rd this year, features some of the most stunning works of cake art we’ve ever seen.

The contest, which has been running annually since 2007, invites both professionals and amateurs to create cakes in either the 2D or 3D categories based on art from the Threadless community, which sells artists’ designs on shirts. The rules demand that entrants’ cakes be as edible as possible, allowing for only minimal non-edible supports to be used when constructing 3D cakes.

We discovered the contest when we wrote about Kylie Mangles, who made a creepy but amazing Ralph cutout cake. There are hundreds of other jaw-dropping cakes participating in their contests as well, so take a look!

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Created by Corinna Maguire

Created by April Koteh

Created by Yenna Susanty

Created by Jacinta Perkins

Created by Kylie Mangles

Created by Jennifer Kennedy

Created by Elizabeth Marek

Created by Ana Mourinho Remigio

Created by Nanthini Retnam

Entries From Other Years

Created by Elizabeth Marek

Created by Erin Wieglenda Cronbaugh

Created by Rebecca Mcdowell

Created by Ann Bailey

Created by Molly Sullivan

Created by Samantha Friday

Created by Ashlee Perkins

Created by Mary Tomczak

Created by Jessica Allard

Created by Neli Josefsen

Created by Shakar Bakery Cakes

Created by Erin Schwartz

Created by Lucy Atkinson