Kylie Mangles, the master baker behind the baking and design website Freshly Squeez’d, has created a masterpiece cake design that blurs the boundaries between, of all things, graphic design and baking. She took an unsettling illustration by graphic design artist Eric Flores that depicts Ralph Wiggum as he might look like an anatomical cutout and re-created him as a cool cake!

Mangles created the unbelievably detailed edible artwork as a submission to a competition on, where she also breaks down the cake’s complicated 5-day creation process in painstaking detail.

Though there are were many inedible support elements inside of this cool dessert, Mangles confirmed that little Ralph was indeed delicious after she chopped him up and ate him together with her roommate.

Kylie Mangles agreed to answer Bored Panda’s questions about her cake and her other food artworks, so read on for more!

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I learned quite a bit by making this cake,” Kylie Mangles told Bored Panda. “Since the highlights and shadows add such an effect in the illustration I knew I wanted to show this but wasn’t sure until it came time exactly what was going to work.

Ralph was made out of a rich mocha red velvet cake. He was layered and covered with vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream. His head, foot, and arm were made out of Rice Krispies.

I began planning this cake artwork by printing out the famous character illustration to the size I wanted to create the cake. This illustration proved to be tricky due to the perspective that he is sitting in, so I had to compensate for that.

No matter how much planning you do though, things always change when you get right into it, then you just have to improvise.

It was also a challenge to do the black outline. I had the vision in my head but wasn’t sure if it would turn out like I’d hoped until it was done.

When I started caking I was very concerned about finding a delicious fondant that everyone would love to eat. I am happy to say I have found some that is delicious, but people tend to pick it off or leave it anyways.

I don’t blame them, some fondant is terrible. Having said that, it is a medium that allows us to make beautiful cakes come to life. So if you don’t like it, then don’t eat it, and hopefully, the cake inside is mouth-watering and delicious.

We’d like to thank Kylie Mangles for telling us about her work process and unique artworks. We wish her more happy backing (and eating)!