Some people wrap gifts quickly, but this guy put a little more thought into it in order to prank his brother.

“Brother gave me a guitar shaped package for Christmas,” the unsuspecting victim said. “Weird, because I am the least musically talented dude on Earth.” As he continued to unpack the present, a case of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild appeared. Which is strange, considering that the video game is expected to be released only in 2017.

The whole “roller coaster” ended with a VISA gift card inside. According to the guy who bought it, the amount will be enough to buy the game when it comes out. Nothing like some brotherly love during the holidays.

“Opening the “guitar from the front” finds something embedded”

“Confusion sets in”

“Nah…can’t be”

“Looking closer”


“Treasure inside”

“The personal touch”

“Brother brought it big with style this year. Of course you know… This means war”