Some time ago, a gift wrapping maestro from Japan’s Takashimaya Department store went viral on the internet, and by the looks of his product packaging skills, he clearly worked in Santa’s workshop before. Because you can’t easily wrap an entire box in just about 12 seconds from start to finish, without any prior experience being a Christmas elf.

YouTube channel Beat The Bush analyzed this life hack and made an excellent how-to video. It all has to do with properly measuring the gift wrapping paper, diagonal lines, and… Just watch the video, the guy does an excellent job at explaining all the details of his magician-like artistry with gift paper. Ho ho ho-ly Rudolph, this is awesome! One thing though, if you’re planning to wrap a super unique gift, such as a cat, you might rethink its packaging design, as this technique mostly works with rectangles.

More info: YouTube (h/t)

This Japanese department store employee wraps a gift in just 12 seconds

Watch the video below to see how it’s done