The movies for which you are about to see posters have not been made yet. Probably, they never will be, no matter how much we'd like to see Ryan Reynolds as the Pillsbury Doughboy. They're all fruits of the imagination of Lance Ford—a creative director at an agency called EP+Co. For the past two months, Lance has been sharing his impressive Photoshop creations—movie posters reimagined as brands. To put it more simply, Lance allows us to see what would happen if brands were movies and these prospects don't look disappointing at all, if you ask us. "I love advertising, and movies, and thought it would be fun to combine the two in an interesting way," Lance told one news outlet.

Recently, these impressive posters have made the rounds all over social media, so Bored Panda has made you a list of 16 posters that Lance has shared on his Instagram. Scroll down below to see them all and vote for the ones that you like the most!

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Orville lived in our town for a little while. Or he was born here. They had a statue built of him in the park.

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