Black dogs can have a tough time getting adopted from shelters – perhaps because low-quality photos don’t do their adorable mugs justice. Guinnevere Shuster, a photographer who works with the Humane Society of Utah, is trying to change that with a beautiful (and remarkably effective) series of portraits taken to show just how lovable black dogs really are.

Shuster (whom we’ve written about before here) says she was inspired by Sophie Gamand (whom we’ve written about before here and here). Both photographers have worked extensively to move underrepresented dogs out of shelters and into loving homes – and both used floral crowns!

More info: Facebook (h/t: huffpost)

Sasha, 4 Years Old (Adopted)

Barkley, 2 Years Old

Rafiki, 6 Months Old (Adopted)

Ricky, 10 Years Old (Adopted)

Cassie, 10 Years Old (Adopted)

Homie, 1 Year Old (Adopted)

Potato, 1.5 Years Old

Thomas, 3 Years Old