Do you remember those old wall calendars with puppies sitting in baskets covered with flowers? Silly decorations are so yesterday – if you want to get a reaction, you need to stand out. That’s what French photographer Sophie Gamand did with her fittingly-titled Wet Dog photoshoot.

Gamand decided to create a natural and very cute series of dogs getting wet during their grooming procedures. What makes these photos funny is how realistically these little fellows react to water and shampoo. Some fur balls remain stoic and pretend that everything’s OK, even though they might be scared half to death (we all know how dogs “love” taking baths). Other poor creatures don’t even try to hide their emotions, and you can see the misery, surprise and even anger in their eyes. Don’t worry, though – not a single doggy was harmed during this photoshoot. Professional groomers accompanying the photographer knew what they were doing and took care of the photo models.

On her blog, Gamand share the idea behind the photos, saying that the series is “about grooming and the way we alter our dogs’ appearance to fit standards of hygiene and beauty.”

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