Subreddit /AskReddit is a place where people can go to ask and answer thought-provoking questions about anything and everything. Someone recently asked the liars of Reddit: “What was the biggest lie you got away with?” and got some hilarious responses.

Image credits: hautethought

One response, however, stood out from the rest. Uploaded by user Orange_Kid, it was the classic tale of the high school reading task, when the kid never gets around to reading the actual book and opts to simply watch the movie instead. We’ve all been there, I mean who has time to read a whole book when there are video games to play? This kid picked a great book, with an all-time classic movie adaptation.

Image credits: The Shining

So far so good. This teacher has seen it all before though and can smell a rat. It probably happens on a weekly basis, if only kids put as much time and ingenuity into getting their work done, as they do getting out of it, they would all get straight A’s!

People were on the edge of their seats throughout the story and were quick to applaud Orange_Kid’s quick thinking