My name is Ren Ri. I cooperated with bees to create art works” Yuansu series”. Yuansu I is my earliest work, which was created in relief. Yuansu II, which is built on acrylic boxes, is the art work made when cooperating with bees.

I change the gravity direction of the honeycomb every seven days by rotating the box. In the whole Yuansu series, I try to eliminate the absolute domination of the artist. Bees cooperating with artist can be seen as a relationship between human and nature.

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Yuansu series exhibition in Hong Kong

My interest in bees started from my childhood. The house I lived in was located on a small mountain in the campus of Wuhan University. Behind the house, in the woods, we had honeycombs.

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Yuansu II series

I daily observed busy bees from the distance, but they seemed not to notice the existence of human being, as if the little creatures only cared about their relationship with nature.

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Now I spend almost 70% of my day with the bees and I have gained some knowledge of the activities and habits of these creatures.

Yuansu II series

Bees get familiar with me after day-to-day interaction.

I realized that bees could create more mysterious sculptures than I do, so I began to abandon the imaginative shapes, forms and images and attempted to return to more purified state.

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Bees assist me in generating sculptures in a natural way.