Not all pies are created equal. Some, like mine, are miserable trainwrecks, while others, like the amazing pies on this list, are culinary masterpieces.

Working with pies is different from working with cakes because, by most standards, fondant and icing don't cut it – you need to use the pie's pastry and filling to work your magic. If you've created a beautiful pie that you'd like to share with the world, please add it to this post!

#1 Apple Rose Pie

Apple Rose Pie

imgur Report

CelaphodBlue 3 years ago

Oh that looks sooo delicious

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#2 Octopus Pie

Octopus Pie

Octopus Pie Octopus Pie

Sabine Astroph Report

joynash 3 years ago

That's way too many arms for an octopus. It's clearly Cthulhu!

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#3 Beautiful Tree Pie

Beautiful Tree Pie Report

LesleyEarl 3 years ago

this would be real uncomfortable... to be the first person to cut into it

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#4 Flower Pie

Flower Pie Report

ElizabethSheedy 3 years ago

my favorite!

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#5 Autumn Pie

Autumn Pie

reddit Report

ShanaRicher 3 years ago

Just gorgeous! The perfect autumn pie!

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#6 Medieval Pie

Medieval Pie Report

AngieCates 3 years ago

Wow! So much work, it's awesome!

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#7 Owl Pie

Owl Pie Report

JoeC 3 years ago

I keep seeing a monster with a whole lotta teeth. Lol

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#8 Dragon Pie

Dragon Pie

imgur Report

ArtSirot 3 years ago

That's Targaryen lol.

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#9 Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

Christine McConnell Report

JessicaPanda 3 years ago

Aaauw poor chicken!

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#10 Autumn Leaves Pie

Autumn Leaves Pie Report

HeronFeather 3 years ago

It's beautiful, but.... wouldn't that top crust be way to thick?

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