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Australian Photographer John Spies Reveal The Hidden Wonders Of Underground Caves
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Photography7 years ago

Australian Photographer John Spies Reveal The Hidden Wonders Of Underground Caves

An unorthodox adventurer of winding formations and incredible passeges of underground sites sometimes never seen by man and an expert navigator john Spies Is an Australian photographer hold a tag of experience of more than 30 years of guiding cave explorer under his belt. This adventurer has journeyed into the depths of over 80 caverns in Laos , Thailand, and Vietnam –including a few caves previously undiscovered by humans. His remarkable explorations have included trips to tham Xe Bang Fai – cave in laos containing the world’s largest gour pool – and Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong, the largest known cave in the world.
On these magnificent caverns a entirely new world can be found and some of these place like underground river with enormous stalactites hang over from the top, pools, rocky terrain, and plains covered in lush vegetarian, can only be accessed using kayaks or skilled climbing techniques, making each location a rarely seen treasure earned by very few
Its absolutely awe-inspiring to gaze at these stunning images of the otherworldly realms hidden deep beneath the sunlit surface .
Although Spies has traveled all over Southeast Asia, his home base is in Mae Hong Son, Thailand, where he runs a guesthouse called Cave Lodge. Visitors can relax in bungalows, enjoy the natural surroundings, and experience the wonders of caves on adventure tours guided by Spies himself.

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