Huang Guofu, now 42, lost both his arms in a horrible electric shock accident at the age of four, however, this didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams of an art career. Instead, at the age of 12, he began doing his traditional art-inspired drawing ideas with his feet.

When Huang reached adulthood, his father got ill. In order to pay for the treatments, he had to quit school and decided to become a professional painter. At first, Huang tried selling his beautiful paintings in the streets, but he soon learned that his paintings lacked elegance and many people bought his work just out of sympathy for a disabled person. That didn’t stop him either. He put a brush in his mouth and taught himself to do more refined, intricate drawings.

“When life closes one door to you, it must have opened another at the same time. I want to let the younger generation know that there are no real obstacles in life. The only obstacle is if you want to do it,” says Huang.

Last year, at the age of 41, he was appointed the vice-curator of Chonqing Talents Museum for his never-give-up spirit and unique artistic achievements.