We can either work with nature, or work against it. On this spectrum, these architects have decided to find a middle ground: instead of chopping down trees and building their houses, the trees are incorporated as a part of the new structures.

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Deforestation has a significant environmental impact. Many studies suggest that is a contributor to global warming; it impacts the water cycle by reducing the amount of water in the soil and air; it contributes to soil loss; and it results in a decline in biodiversity.

Urbanization makes up only a small part of global deforestation, but it is important for its psychological impact. Will we cut down the forests to build our homes, or will be try and incorporate our buildings into the surrounding environment? How can we change our living habits to be more mindful of nature?

These designs showcase tree-human cohabitation. Do you have any pictures of nature an architecture combined? Post them or vote on your favorite below!

#2 The Tea House

The Tea House

architizer.com Report

LizTyrrell 2 years ago

Fabulous - the tree adds so much to the home. Wonderful !

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#4 Casa Vogue

Casa Vogue

casavogue.globo.com Report

RebekahHolt 2 years ago

I feel like there might be ants...

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#5 Niavaran Residential Complex

Niavaran Residential Complex


SallyGillies 2 years ago


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#7 Hole



PauloLima 2 years ago

Very cool.

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#8 Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

noses.it Report

sundaes66 2 years ago

At least with the glass there won't be any ants

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#9 Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger

Natasha Report

SallyGillies 2 years ago

Smart. Even older homes can benefit from a little creativity and love of nature.

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#10 Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A Tree

Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A Tree

Aibek Almasov Report

LeopardHorse56 2 years ago

What people? It's in the middle of a forest...

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#11 Tree Apartments

Tree Apartments

wdrzewach.pl Report

JulietteRogers 2 years ago

Inspirational - would also make a good small house. No steps though. Perhaps a hoisting square/platform, with it;s own garage

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