We’ve all probably met or at least seen a person out there whose face or habits instantly reminded you of an animal – an old woman with fierce eyes and a long nose who looked like an eagle or a quick, darting, distracted, bird-like man. German artist Cristoph Meyer has taken this one step further by creating carefully-crafted manipulated portraits that combine people’s bodies with animals’ heads.

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What’s fun about this series, beyond the fact that it has people with animals’ heads, is that such a silly subject is executed so well. Meyer’s manipulations seem fairly realistic, and the animals are well-matched with their human counterparts – they look like they belong. While Meyer’s work is unique and original, he isn’t the first to have come up with the idea of matching people with animals – Yago Partal and Miguel Vallinas have created similar sets of works. Theirs are centered around animals and fashion, while Meyer’s work is more about creating dynamic characters and portraits.

Source: behance.net/kriz